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Tuesday Musings: You're Welcome, New York

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(Editor's note: This is going to be my attempt at a daily series here at Mavs Moneyball. I say attempt because I personally can't account for my two other jobs and sobriety. Ha, just kidding. My other two jobs won't deter me.)

Dear New York City,

Glad you've got that point guard situation under control. Almost thought you had to resort to the "Bill Walker Point Forward Experiment." But we're glad that an undrafted point guard from a school that isn't very good at basketball has become your basketball savior. Seriously, good job.

And you're welcome


Someone Who Wished Lin Taught Roddy Beaubois How to Run a Pick and Roll and is Extremely Bitter

My musings after the jump:

  • Dirk Nowitzki has put together back-to-back games of 50 percent shooting or greater (with minimum 10 shot attempts) for only the second time his season. While that's an insane enough number in itself, it's at least reassuring that Dirk is somewhat on the track back. Against Cleveland, Dirk looked comfortable in the post, something that couldn't have been said two weeks ago. Dirk still relies on ball movement more than ever lately (68 percent of his shots have been assisted on this year, a career-high) but that trend started last year and we all know the isolation-post machine returned in the 2011 playoffs. Baby steps, but Dirk is getting there
  • What doesn't make as much sense is how the offense has been completely...well...poop since Dirk's mini-mini renaissance. After posting offensive efficiencies of 128.9, 104.1 and 129.8, Dallas sputtered in the three game losing streak without posting an efficiency mark higher than 94.6. It's fairly simply as to why: Dallas turnovers went up and their rebounding got worse. Rodrigue Beaubois has taken a few steps back in leading the first-team offense and opponents have been grabbing more offensive rebounds. Failure to secure defensive boards to run a fastbreak (or secondary break, which is almost more critical, especially to the Mavs) and turning the ball over will definitely destroy any well-oiled offense. Jason Kidd, get healthy.
  • I was positively giddy of Brandan Wright's performance against Cleveland...until the end of the fourth quarter. Wright proved why he should a rotation player, providing energy and another able body to finish around the rim (seriously, he made some fantastic catches to prevent Dallas from having even more turnovers.) The problem is that Rick Carlisle might have rode Wright too much. Toward the end of the fourth quarter, the Cavilers were absolutely embarrassing Dallas on the offensive glass and getting to the rim. Wright was out of position plenty of times to grab a board or step in front of Kyrie Irving. Not saying the blame should solely focus on Wright, but it would have been nice to see Haywood or Mahnmi to try and quell the Cleveland uprising with some more experience in those situations.
  • Delonte West should have closed the game against Cleveland. It was nice to see Carlisle finally trust Beaubois with the offense to close out a tight game, but he failed. Massively. Hopefully Carlisle won't outcast Beaubois to fewer important minutes because, really, the kid has made a lot of improvements in operating a pick and roll. They may not be too obvious, but there's subtle improvements in Beaubois' game that shouldn't go unnoticed.
  • Seriously, when are y'all going to buy Jeremy Lin jerseys?