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The Trade Deadline Thread: News And Updates On The Mavericks

The trade deadline is only a few hours away (2:00 PM CDT). Come chat about all Maverick related news. We'll keep you up to date.

  • 8:42 AM: Dwight Howard is in a meeting with Otis Smith and Alex Martins (Source)
  • 9:31 AM: Doesn't look like the Nets have any intentions to trade Deron Williams (Source)
  • 10:16 AM: The Pacers acquire Leandro Barbosa, which takes them out of the Chris Kaman sweepstakes. If Kaman survives the deadline, he will likely be bought out and the Mavs would be upon the suitors. (Source)
  • 10:30 AM: Several contenders are chasing Ray Allen. The Celtics look for a promising young and a first rounder. The Mavericks gave away their 2012 pick in the trade for Lamar Odom, so all they could offer is Rodrigue Beaubois and a future pick. But it's very quiet at Mavs headquarters and you got to question whether Allen and Jason Terry would be a great fit. (Source)
  • 11:26 AM: Dwight Howard just signed the ETO waiver. (Source)
  • 11:39 AM: NBA will execute contract amendment without signature of Howard's agent Dan Fegan (Source)
  • 11:44 AM: In order to please Deron Williams, Nets reportedly acquired Gerald Wallace from the Trail Blazers. It's a nice upgrade for the Nets. In my eyes they somehow have to make the playoffs this year. Also good for the Mavericks: Portland now probably won't. The team was in a free fall and the trade made them even weaker this year. (Source)
  • 12:33 PM: The Lakers acquired point guard Ramon Sessions from the Cavaliers. Although it's a minor deal, the Western Conference powerhouse comes away with a steal here. Sessions is pretty decent, ranks 2nd in free throws per field goal attempt, 5th in TRB% and 4th in AST% among all PGs with at least 700 minutes played this season. (Source)
  • 1:23 PM: Two more trades in the Southwest Division: Marcus Camby heads to the Houston Rockets while the Spurs and Warriors swap Stephen Jackson and Richard Jefferson. No worries for the Mavericks here, both teams get only slightly better, but Houston got a whole lot bigger and could be a tough out given the right matchup. Camby is the leagues leading rebounder at the center position. (Source #1 #2)
  • 1:35 PM: Kaman likely to stay with the Hornets past the deadline. (Source)
  • 2:02 PM: Lakers get rid of Derek Fisher. He was absolutely expendable with Sessions incoming. The Lakers now traded Luke Walton and Derek Fisher at the deadline. Big-Market Magic! (Source)
  • 2:36 PM: In a 3-team deal, center Nene Hilario has been traded to the Wizards, JaVale McGee to the Nuggets and Nick Young to the Clippers. Denver got a lot worse, the Wizards didn't need both Jordan Crawford and Young and certainly improve with Nene and John Wall at the helm while the Clippers add a decent wing scorer. (Source)