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Lamar Odom Is Back With The Dallas Mavericks, But Rumors Continue

Despite the deep wish of Rick Carlisle to finally end the Lamar Odom saga, the news, rumors and controversy just keep coming. It seems that his best performance of the year against the Utah Jazz on Saturday only fueled the discussion. Here is the latest:

  • Lamar Odom Is Who We Should Have Thought He Was by MMB's @andytobo
  • While he's been maddeningly inconsistent scoring the ball, SB Nation Dallas' new Mavericks columnist writes that he's been an excellent play-maker and defender in his time in Dallas.

  • Onus is on Lamar Odom to take Mavericks to the next level by Eddie Sefko
  • Odom is back and has one very improved game to his credit. The thing is, his play is so important to the Mavericks eliminating their seamy side -- sloppy ballhandling, a lack of penetration offensively, surrendering points in the paint and erratic rebounding.

  • Rumors: Lamar Odom wants back in Los Angeles?
  • Ric Bucher: I'm told that Lamar Odom is desperate to go back to L.A. The Lakers will not take him. The Clippers would love to make that deal, but they don't have the pieces that Dallas would want right now because Dallas wants expiring contracts to be a free-agent player. But don't be surprised if Lamar Odom makes his way back to L.A. It just won't be this season.

  • Hubbard: Mavericks hoping Odom is all in by Jan Hubbard
  • Odom cannot match Chandler’s defense and rebounding, but at 6-11, his versatility gives the Mavericks a different look. If he is at his best, the Mavericks can contend for another title. Without him, the backups are Brian Cardinal and Yi Jianlian and, well, forget it.

  • Lamar Odom still has much to prove by Tim MacMahon
  • Rick Carlisle made that clear during his radio show Friday, when the coach unleashed a measured rant highlighted by his declaration that the Dallas Mavericks' patience had worn thin with Lamar Odom. Carlisle, who spent much of the first half of the season publicly coddling the NBA's underachiever of the year, said what needed to be said. Carlisle said what players were thinking throughout the defending champions' locker room.

    There are also still rumors that the Mavericks could deal Odom to the Suns for Steve Nash (unlikely!) and that the Celtics would have interest in the forward if bought out, which makes no sense at all because he wants to go back to L.A. and Dallas won't buy him out.

    Anyway... stay tuned, it isn't over.