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Video: Mark Cuban Reacts To Lamar Odom's Laziness vs. Knicks

During last nights game against the New York Knicks, beat writer Frank Isola tweeted that Mark Cuban got into it with Lamar Odom when Rick Carlisle called a timeout after a rather wild sequence that ended with a layup for the Knicks. Lamar Odom looked uninvolved and disinterested in that sequence.

A detailed breakdown of the incident can be found here:

With about 2:45 left in the quarter, Odom let his man, Tyson Chandler, drift behind him to the basket. Chandler received the pass and had a clear path for a dunk until Shawn Marion slid over, contested at the rim and forced Chandler to miss the two-handed dunk attempt. The rebound bounced out to Jason Kidd at the free throw line, who pushed it up the floor.

Odom jogged upcourt and made it only to the top of the arc by the time Kidd dished to Jason Terry on the wing. Without hesitation, Terry misfired on a 3-pointer. Odom started to backpedal as Terry launched the shot. Carmelo Anthony rebounded and handed the ball off to Jeremy Lin. Odom had already retreated beyond mid-court and back near the 3-point arc, yet Landry Fields ran right by him, caught a long, two-handed pass from Lin and soared in for the easy layup.

Coach Rick Carlisle instantly called a timeout as Cuban rose to his feet and emphatically jabbed his right arm and looked to have flung some choice words in Odom's direction. Odom, cradling the basketball in his right arm, slowly walked to the bench as he appeared to fix his gaze toward Cuban.

After the jump you'll find the video, which indeed shows that Mark Cuban is reacting angrily and you would assume that he also is talking to Lamar, although his head it cut off by the backboard the whole time. The "gaze" is not captured too well, but in the second closeup you'll see the end of it and it seems that Odom's head indeed is pointing at Cuban.