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Delonte West Fined For Finger To Ear Penetration


(SB Nation Dallas, JP Starkey) You don't see this happen every year. Delonte West was fined $25,000 by the NBA for giving Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward a wet willy. Yes, you read that right, West was fined for giving a wet willy.

Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle already spoke out on the issue, condemning West's wet willy.

While it's certainly silly that West gave Hayward a wet willy, it's also quite a large amount of money to be fined for really a harmless, albeit disgusting, act. And at least there were no firearms involved.

West scored 16 points in the triple overtime loss to the jazz, and including going two-for-two from beyond the arc. Unfortunately for West, the Mavericks lost the game and West lost $25,000. Not an ideal game for the former first-round pick.