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GAME THREAD: Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Golden State Warriors

WHAT: Well it's not urgent anymore, so that's nice.

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 7:30pm CT

HOW: FSSW | League Pass

THE STORY: /wipes brow. Thanks to our win over the Rockets, followed by the Rockets' loss to the Hornets, the Dallas Mavericks will make their 12th-straight playoff appearance. All we have left is to sit and wait to find out where we're seeded. So while these next three games aren't must-win, it never hurts to have some momentum heading into the post-season. Golden State is depleted at the moment, missing David Lee and Stephen Curry, and maybe more. They've also lost six in a row. Hopefully tonight will be a nice, easy game for both teams. It's been a long season. Stop by Golden State Of Mind for more info on the Warriors.

Take it easy, Mavs. You're in.