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Hawks Carry Off Mavericks in Talons, 89-106

The Dallas Mavericks lost this game in the first quarter when they allowed nearly 40 points and scored 21. They didn't much play in the 4th, taking out their starters, leading to a hilarious 8 points in the quarter with 2:30 left in the 4th (which, in typical Mavs fashion, he later stretched to 17). Technically, this game didn't matter---the whooping Denver put on Minnesota, coupled with the Mavericks' last loss, insured that the Mavericks would be playing OKC no matter what happened. On the other hand, Denver is certainly going to be feeling a little bit better going into the playoffs than the Mavericks are. Sometimes, those kinds of things matter, sometimes they don't.

It was so bad that the Mavs got to see Jerry Stackhouse and Erick Dampier play basketball again. And, Kelenna Azubuike made his first 3 shots as a Maverick. Must have felt good.

We'll have a lot more this week on the Mavericks-Thunder, and given that most of us here are students of one kind or another, it's the time of year where you're about to get a lot more of us than you want to have. Great, wall-to-wall coverage that will make you rich and sexually virile. We promise.

Sound off below. And if you'll take my advice, you'll pretend this game never happened!