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MMB UPDATE: Yes, I'm Alive

Dallas skyline.
Dallas skyline.

If you haven't heard, giant walls of atmospheric death descended upon North Texas today.

Multiple tornadoes showed up in Forth Worth, Arlington and in the Dallas area. And it's still not over yet for some of Dallas. Send the best wishes to Mavs fans that are being affected by this storm.

As for MMB itself, there's a reason why content hasn't been properly updated today (at least, by myself). I was in the path of one of said tornadoes being on campus at UT Arlington. Luckily, nothing hit the school but some Arlington neighborhoods got hit pretty hard.

I actually had a slew of posts to try and crank out today (Deron Williams latest interview, Jason Kidd injury, aftermath of the Clippers massacre, etc.). So I apologize for not being able to deliver that content, the weather just wouldn't let me get the proper time. But I should start cranking some of those out tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you're in the DFW area, keep an eye out on local news – bad weather is still lingering around, especially around Dallas. Stay safe. If you're a Maverick fan displaced outside of North Texas, send your best wishes to those of us around here. There's been some scary images shown today.

Best to everyone and MMB should be back to normal by Wednesday. Apologies.