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NBA Draft 2012: Dallas Mavericks' Prospect, Terrence Ross

The folks over at SBNation Dallas are taking a look at some draft prospects for the Dallas Mavericks next season. The first one on their list is Terrence Ross of the Washington Huskies.

His explosiveness lets him get to the rim pretty much at will on college defenders. Unlike his teammate Tony Wroten, Ross creates separation when he gets by his man; once he beats his man, they will not recover. When he's not getting clean by his man, Ross has a suddenness he uses to create separation for a jump-shot with a silky and consistent release. He's smooth and consistent shooting off the dribble going left or right, and his range extends to the NBA 3 point line. When he gets open looks from three, he will knock them down.

Defensively, he still has some work to do. He moves well laterally and has the foot quickness to stay with pretty much anyone at the college level. He seems to lose focus and get caught off-guard from time to time, but it would be wrong to characterize it as a lack of effort -- Ross plays hard, eagerly chasing the fast break after a steal looking for clean up baskets. He plays the passing lanes well and has the burst to intercept telegraphed/lazy passes. On the defensive end he simply needs to anticipate better in on-ball defensive situations to fulfill his potential on the defensive end.

For the complete rundown on Ross, click here.