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Conference Finals: All Games Game Thread! (As Requested)

This is a tough one. Do we root for the team who beat us on their way to the WCF? Baby brother has grown up and is marching headlong to the finals.

OR do we root for the old rival who has been steamrolling en route to the championship? Big brother always casting a shadow over our beloved Mavs?

There's really no right answer here. Perhaps it's a changing of the guard- a shifting of the power in the West. Either way, there's no question that this series will be chock full of good basketball. If it's showmanship you enjoy, then the Thunder is your team. If you prefer to stick to the fundamentals, then you're for the Spurs.

If you're an anarchist, then you'll root for them both to lose and the world to explode. That's your prerogative.

Anyway, discuss and enjoy.