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A Poetic Meditation on the Mavericks Shortcomings

A Maverick is a horse

Who doesn’t draft

It picks Roddy Beaubois’

Who will never amount to

Anything, except against Utah

And Dominique Jones, who can get to the rim

On anybody, but has never once

Also put the ball

Into that rim

Beside the white chickens.

A Maverick likes to draft

6'10" Foreign guys

Who can stretch the paint

(As if they’re still playing Shaq every year)

And 6'1" guys who can outjump 6'10" guys

And never worries about the fact

That they could both get outrebounded by Muggsy

And can't score on a wooden board

That, Brendan Haywood once

Put the ball on the floor

And the ensuing bounce

Killed a popcorn vendor

Who was subsequently re-bruised

By an inlet pass

Rocketing off Shawn Marion's stone hands

A Maverick goes in defenseless

Because of a positive allergy to youth

Because Fernandez and Brewer were creeping everyone out

With their working joints

So much so that the Mavericks traded another draft pick

(Earmarked for Zanderasky Chakistzvili)

For a 32 year old malcontent

Who was supposed to play four positions

And didn’t want to play any

Or play, period

But at least

Couldn’t be confused

For anyone who might

Be part of any kind of future

Or present

Or contribute to the Mavericks

For any length of time

At all


(A contributor he was not)

Because in a league

Of Kawhi Leonards and Avery Bradleys

Of Laker and Spur re-invention,

Grizzly and Thunder propulsion

The Mavericks have mastered the art

Of never getting anyone

New to help Dirk

At all


Since they traded for Jason Terry four hundred years ago

(Except Half-Man, More-Than-Half-of-my-Awkward-Turn-Around-Jumpers-Are-Going-to Miss-the-Backboard)

Except for that one time

Of blessed memory

Which wasn’t all that long ago

(And remains

Warm like a fire

And will forever)

And maybe next year, too

At least I hope.

Glazed with rainwater

Shantih shantih shantih

Hieronymo's down 0-3 again.