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The Eric Gordon Wrinkle

It's possible that the top RFA in this year's crop is NOT Roy Hibbert, Javale McGee, or Brook Lopez, but Eric Gordon, an SG of abundant talent, the centerpiece of the Chris Paul trade. He's 23, and in 2010-2011 he averaged 22 points on 45% shooting, 36% from three, before spending most of last year injured.

The thing is, while he's saying nice things about New Orleans, in fact, all the right things in general, it's rumored that his heart is in Indianapolis.

Obviously, his perceived availability to Indianapolis may have some bearing on how the Pacers feel about matching offers for Roy Hibbert.

This is not, overall, likely to matter much. The Hornets have a huge amount of cap space, and would love to build around Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis, and either the 10th pick or whatever they can get for the 10th pick. Indiana owner Herb Simon prefers to sign his own guys first, and there's no indication the Pacers are willing to let Hibbert walk for any price the Mavs could conceivably come up with.

But, the front office in Indiana is currently in flux, Eric Gordon did spend all of last year injured, and a lot of things could happen between now and then--including the availability of cheaper 2 guards by trade or draft. It is not likely. But it is something to watch.