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Oblique Deron Williams News #1: Gerald Wallace to Opt Out

In what must be seen as another victory for the Mavericks' hopes of getting Deron Williams, while nevertheless representing more of a Fort Donelson than a Vicksburg, Gerald Wallace has decided to opt out of the final year of his contract and is now a free agent.

While not an unexpected move, it is one that can have reverberations for the Mavericks. You'll recall that the Nets swung for the fences with what some would call a panic trade, mid-season, immediately after Dwight Howard re-upped with the Magic, sending their first round draft pick Portland's way for Gerald. The pick was top three protected, and it was possible that the Nets would have, in hand, Gerald Wallace AND a top three pick to offer Deron Williams next year---but currently they don't have either.

Billy King has already gone on record saying he thinks Wallace deserves a multi-year deal and wants to re-sign him, but, of course, the Nets will probably first want to focus on their marquee free agent, Deron Williams, and currently their larder is very thin. In addition to RFA Brook Lopez, they have only Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro, Marshon Brooks, Jordan Williams under contract, and a team option on Damion Jones--with no first round pick at all.

Honestly, I've never heard of two of those people.

This may not mean all that much. Obviously, the Nets do have beaucoup de cap space, and while that won't change their approach to Deron at all, they could have Gerald Wallace back, in addition to Gerald Green and Kris Humphries, without much straining their pocketbook.

Then again, it's hard to imagine any of their current jerseys selling big at their apparel shop.