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Why Kidd's Comments About Backing Up Deron Don't Mean What You Think (possibly)

Okay, this title should really read "Why Kidd's Comments About Backing Up Deron Don't Mean What I Originally Thought", but that's life for you.

Although I, along with all the bloggers here, have repeatedly gone on record denying credence to any and all rumors of Deron Williams' state of mind until free agency actually starts, of course we all have our ears to the ground at any mention of his name. That's what being a sports fan is all about.

So, the Mavericks blogosphere was interested today when Jason Kidd said this: "My days of playing 38 minutes are over. and Deron can play off each other".

Not that Jason knows something that we don't--although the two share an agent--but it seemed strange to see a Maverick willing to speak so confidently about this fairly fraught subject.

Then, presumably for most of the blogosphere, presumably for yourselves, faster than for me, the penny dropped.

Jason Kidd really just wants one more year. He wants to play till he's 40, and there's no reason he can't. There are a lot of different opinions about how much he added to the Mavericks last year, but there's little doubt that he can add whatever it was to whatever team he plays for, for that one more year.

It seems that Kidd especially likes the idea of Deron Williams coming to Dallas because he sees in Deron someone who can take a whole heck of a lot of the starting load, and one of the few PGs out there who will not have Carlisle motioning for Kidd as soon as somebody takes a stupid shot. But really, that has nothing to do with Dallas, it has to do with backing up Deron Williams.

And it just so happens that the other franchise where Kidd has left an indelible mark, the other fanbase that holds him firmly in their hearts is the one for which Deron Williams currently plies his craft.

It seems like Kidd wouldn't mind backing up Deron wherever Deron ends up--and he's lucky enough, and been around long enough, that retiring with either would feel just right.