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Jared Sullinger Not Invited to Draft

In a move that may have reverberations for Mavericks thinking about the draft, OSU's star PF, Jared Sullinger, has not been invited to sit in the Green Room. As many of you know, invitations to the Green Room are extended to players the NBA feels are likely to be drafted in the top 15.

Sullinger's slide is presumably related to red flags his medical examinations raised, relating to his back, Andrew Tobolowsky reported in a sentence containing five words that start with the letter "R" in relative proximity to each other, and which started with some excellent sibilance.

It's unlikely, of course, that the Dallas front office is relying on the NBA to do its scouting, as to who goes where, for them, and it's relatively likely that the NBA is not CERTAIN of Sullinger's draft position so much as interested in saving the 20 year-old the embarrassment of a public draft slide. However, given that Sullinger is undersized for a PF (6'8"), and given the concerns about his back, the lottery future which once seemed so certain for Sullinger is very much in doubt. Many mock drafts are now showing him being drafted even in the early twenties.

Obviously, of five positions, the 4 is where the Mavericks have the least uncertainty, and a guy who already is having back issues (reportedly) is not the best way to end a string of whiffing on talent so prodigious, Adam Dunn might be envious. However, if Sullinger falls to the Mavericks, it's hard to think there's anyone else they could get at 17 with his obvious offensive, defensive and rebounding talents, and his bball IQ. Sullinger averaged 17.5-9.2-1.1 and shot 77% from the free throw line last year.

You in?