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Shut it down. Let's go home. Combo highlight/commentary genius!

How does one pick a favorite sports highlight?

After all, there are so many sports to choose from, and so many memorable moments within those sports that one could consider a highlight. Then you have to narrow it down to your favorite? That's just impossible.

So let's just assume I'm going to pick a moment from a game played by the Mavericks (duh). Now that we've assumed, let's set the scene.

Dirk Nowitzki is injured. WHAT? A highlight about the Mavericks NOT featuring Dirk? BLASPHEMER.

Relax, ok? It features him. Just not as the one making the play. The play in question is a turnover by Minnesota, capitalized upon by Jason Terry. The Jet scoops up the runaway ball, heaves it into the air with reckless abandon towards the general vicinity of the basket, and Brandan Wright, the human highlight reel, soars to the hoop and throws down the bucket for NBA TV's assist of the night.

The REAL highlight? Dirk's commentary.


The man has a future in broadcasting, I'll tell you that. After all, the first step is coining your catchphrase, am I right?