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A Quick Scouting Report on Jared Cunningham, with Links

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There's people who will pretend they know all about Jared Cunningham, but the Mavericks' new guard taken with the 24th of the draft is pretty much unknown. I'll do my best to sum up what I've heard and read about him since he was drafted a short time ago.

Cunningham hails from Oregon State, where he was a junior last year. He played the two, and has the size to do so at 6'4" or 6'5", depending on which site you read. He is athletic as hell, with great quickness, burst, and leaping ability. He is already a threat on defense, averaging 2.5 steals his junior year and 2.8 the year previous, and was selected to the Pac-10 All-Defensive first team. Early comparisons to Dominique Jones are inaccurate, as Cunningham possesses a much better shot. He still struggles with it at times, but his mechanics are good enough and he should improve. He attempted four three pointers a game, and while he only converted them at a 34% clip, he's capable. He reached double digit free three attempts ten times last season, including a 20-23 showing while scoring 37 against Texas. He looks smooth with the ball, and is an average finisher at the rim.

What I really want to do, however, is give you some links so you can judge this kid for yourself. Reading material? See below.

Jared Cunningham's profile on Draft Express.

His profile on NBA Draft.

His profile on, with a cool spinning thing.

His game log from his junior year.

Oregon State's profile of Cunningham.

From the Dallas Mavs ESPN blog.

Highlight video.

Another highlight video, focusing on his shooting.

Here is a draft interview.