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Mavericks Take Bernard James (C) Florida State and Jae Crowder (F) Marquette

Bernard James is apparently a veteran who's spent a bunch of time in Iraq, which is great, but he's also 27. It's possible that Jae Crowder is a steal, but who knows. Sound off.

Crowder is 6'6", by reputation an excellent defender (who, unfortunately, spent most of his time in the post at Marquette, which he can't do in the NBA), and a catch and shoot guy who averaged 17.5 points and 8.4 boards, big jumps from his freshman numbers of 11.8 and 6.8. There's also a bizarre note that says he grew an inch and a half in the last month? Which is weird?

James is a center who helped anchor one of the nation's best defenses, averaging 10.8, 8.1 and 2.3. Both are pretty efficient. Neither was expected to be drafted this high, though James has been rising, but at this point in the draft you take who you want.