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DB.Com Reports Mavs Weighing a Bid On Restricted FA Roy Hibbert

You can read it here, and as always, a hat tip to a terrific Mavs site. Two things.

!) This makes a lot of sense, obviously. Of the three big restricted FA Centers, Hibbert, Brook Lopez and Javale McGee, Hibbert's the safest bet. Lopez might be the best of the three, but he spent all of last season injured. McGee might have the most upside but is Javale McGee. Hibbert seems like a safe choice, very fundamentally sound and good on both sides of the ball. It's not a home run, but the Mavs can't afford one of those AND Deron Williams.

2) It almost certainly will not happen. The Marcin Gortat dream was an extremely rare circumstance in which a terrific player, probably a top 10 center in the NBA was stuck behind the #1 center in the NBA. It didn't make sense for the Magic to pay to keep him, but they did. Indiana on the other hand is coming off the first flickers of life they've shown in years, and they're not exactly going to let the best young cog they have (HIbbert is 25) walk out the door as long as the offer is remotely reasonable--and the Mavericks do NOT have the cap space to go above remotely reasonable no matter what they do. Unless you're into Hibbert, Dirk and no Deron, in which case you might as well have signed Tyson.

Bonus 3rd thing) The Mavericks are going to have one hell of a cart, horse problem as they try to figure out who to draft, then figure out who to get rid of, then try to figure out whether to feather the nest for Deron first or try to entice Deron with whatever it takes THEN see what they have left for feathering. I mean, do you draft a center so you can waive Haywood and not feel like it's going to be Mahimni-Wright? Do you draft the best player, and waive Haywood, and hope you can find a center after Deron? Do you waive Haywood AND trade Marion for cap relief, so you can offer for somebody like Hibbert, or Lopez, even if it's a 72 hour process that isn't likely to yield a good result, even if you don't have Deron in hand, and possibly wind up having to fill like 12 roster spots with minimum wage talent? Tough.