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Twelve Hours Before the Apocalypse

Guys, Deron Williams' free agency has infected my dreams so I no longer know what he really said about his intentions, and what happened in dark dreams about him sitting on a throne and giving the Mavericks and Nets five days to sign the best other free agents they can, to amuse him, while he laughed maniacally. It is nevertheless probably true that in just about..11...hours, the Mavericks and the Nets will call Deron Williams and give him their best offer. To recap, this is basically that:

Brooklyn can offer:

5 years, 98 mil

Brook Lopez

Brooklyn, NY

Future Cap Space to Lure Dwight Howard

Dallas can offer:

4 years, 75 mil

Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, if they want Delonte West or Jason Terry, couple other possibilities

Winning Tradition/Competent Front Office (That Gerald Wallace trade sucked)


A probably imaginary plan to clear cap space to lure Dwight Howard

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