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Favorite Olympic Moment: And Now For Something Completely Different

In 1980, I wasn't even alive. I imagine a good number of you weren't either. But I was alive in 2004 when Disney released a movie called 'Miracle' about the 1980 US Olympic Men's Hockey Team. I'm sure you know the one- they defeated the seemingly-unstoppable Soviet team using a bunch of amateurs and college players.

Why do I consider this to be my favorite Olympic moment, especially since I wasn't around to witness when it actually happened? I believe that the Olympics, like no other event on earth, have the power to bring people together and unite them to a common cause- cheer like hell for your country. The call, "do you believe in miracles? YES!" is one of the most recognizable sports moments in history, and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

This particular moment went beyond the competition itself- it was laden with political innuendo at a time when people were looking for reasons to disagree with one another. But for a few moments, it allowed Americans to stand up and cheer for a bunch of young guys with missing teeth who were able to accomplish the impossible. After this victory, the team went on to defeat Finland for the Gold Medal. Insert wild cheering and gesticulating here.

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