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REPORT: Nick Calathes to Try Out for Spot on Mavericks Roster

Nick Calathes getting to the rim.
Nick Calathes getting to the rim.

Nick Calathes couldn't have picked a better time to come try out the NBA.

The former Florida Gator guard was drafted by the Mavericks in the second round in 2009, but took a more stable offer to play in Europe. At the time, Calathes was viewed as a potential successor to Jason Kidd, a point guard with size who could defend and operate a halfcourt offense.

In those three years, none of that has really changed. The Mavericks still most definitely need that successor to Jason Kidd and Calathes is still a big point guard who can defend and run an offense -- albiet with much more professional experience now.

Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game first shed light on the story that says Calathes is going to jump on the Mavericks summer league team in hopes of earning a roster spot. Calathes enjoyed a pretty successful season in Europe last year, averaging only 7.6 points but with 2.4 assists and 1.2 steals while shooting over 50 percent on his two-point field goals. Considering the culture and difference in European basketball (less fouls at the rim, more players being involved in sets) they really are quality numbers.

Plus, just from some digging of articles the past year or so, I've read nothing but positive things about Calathes' development.

With Calathes' size and defensive ability, as Mahoney points out, he could be paired with Rodrigue Beaubois or Dominique Jones. While I'm not sure Dallas wants that to be its backcourt for Dirk's twilight years, it would be a cheap and potentially lucrative option if the Mavericks want to pay for a new center or especially if Deron Williams goes elsewhere and Goran Dragic gets snapped up by another team.

Also the story mentions the Mavericks interest in Acie Law. Let's just say that if the Mavericks go from Steve Nash, to Devin Harris, to Jason Kidd, to potentially Deron Williams, all the way to Acie Law, I will light myself on fire while screaming "GOOD JOB, GOOD EFFORT MAVERICKS AHHHHHH."