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VIDEO: There are Great Things. There are Amazing Things. Then There's the "Good Job, Good Effort" Kid

(Editor's note: forgive the lack of Mav-y-ness in this post. But it must be shared with everyone.)

The Miami Heat just suffered a cruel loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. A game that should have been Miami's, with the Heat leading by nine late in the third quarter, at home with what should have been a gassed Boston team.

But the Celtics roared back, the Heat's offense withered against one of the NBA's best defenses and Miami lost. The Heat players slummed back to the locker room.

Then, this happened:

Pure magic. Pure comedy. Pure life.

This kid is one of two things: an adorable Heat fan who plays A LOT of YMCA sports (when I played, if you hit the rim on a three, you got the points. Seriously.) Or, perhaps, the most elaborate and delightful troll/Celtics fan in the history of life. Either way, it's precious/great/amazing/hilarious.

FYI, has this wonderful shirt on sale (H/T to Ball Don't Lie.) The designer, PolkPanther, says all the proceeds go to charity to battle cancer, which really is a good job and a good effort. I pray to the meme gods that every person at the TD Garden in Boston on Thursday is wearing the green version of this shirt.