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Say, Why Don't We Get Emeka Okafor?

Earlier today, my brother—posts here sometime as mtobo or something like that—suggested that he wouldn’t mind if we got Emeka Okafor. He’s been after Emeka for some time---years ago, Mr. Okafor was reportedly deciding between UConn and Rice University, Mark’s alma mater. Probs would have helped their basketball team a bit.

After he said it, it stuck with me. Because it would also help ours. Quite a lot. Is Okafor overpaid? Absolutely. He’ll make 13.5 next year which, by the way, is what Tyson Chandler will make, and he’s no Tyson Chandler. But? His .9 points per play allowed last year was just .1 less than Tyson’s. And his career averages of 12.7-10.1 and 1.8 are in fact not only better than Tyson’s career 8.6-9.0-1.6 numbers, but better than his numbers last year or the year before, and he’ll only be making that 13.5 mil for two more years to Tyson’s three.

Then came the rumor today, and I don’t know exactly how reliable it is, but it’s out there, that the Hornets are willing to consider bids for their #10 pick from anyone who’s willing to take on either Okafor or Ariza’s contract. Again, I don’t know if it’s true. But rumor or no, as Mark pointed out, it makes a lot of sense.

The Hornets are going to draft a center who, however epic, is not going to make a huge impact in his first year. Even if he were to, it’s not a team that’s ready to make a huge impact, although they’re better than you think if Eric Gordon’s healthy and sticks around. They’ve got two veterans on contracts that are too big, for players that are not a part of their future plan, and if they looked at the draft and figured they could do better with cap space than with a #10 pick---who could blame them?

And, Emeka Okafor happens to play the same position as Anthony Davis, doesn’t he.

The #10 pick AND Emeka Okafor? I’d be interested, wouldn’t you?

Now, again, I am not a cap guy, a math guy, a hoarder, or an ice road trucker, but I think the Mavs could make this work, because I think, if the Hornets are looking for cap space, they might just like Lamar Odom’s waiveable contract, and if they’re looking for young #10 draft pick type talent on the cheap, they might like Roddy, Brandan Wright, or both.

And, if they got Okafor, obviously they could waive Haywood without worry about it too much. There’s more math to this and I don’t know it, but in basic form, the math problem for next year would be something like 13.5 mil (Okafor’s contract) – (8.2 mil (Odom) + 2.2 mil (Roddy) + 1 mil (Wright) + 17th pick) – 8.3 mil (Haywood)---LOOKS like it would add a significant piece and a higher draft pick AND more cap space than the Mavs currently possess without giving up any significant pieces.

Why would the Hornets do it? Don’t know that they would, but because Odom’s contract is waiveable they would get a LOT of instant cap space, two players they could actually use, and a more or less comparable draft pick, for a player who is expensive and redundant for them….

Seems okay. I look forward to knowledgeable people correcting my cap math.Or, you know, just improving it, with Knowledge.