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Liberty Ballers reports Lou Williams is going to opt out. You want Lou Williams?

Yo, I heard you like Jason Terry, so I got you a Jason Terry so you can Jason Terry in your Jason Terry.

But seriously: Michael Levin of Liberty Ballers reports that the Philadelphia 76ers' Lou Williams will opt out of his contract. Williams had an interesting career, for a surprising 76ers team this last year. He was the team's leading scorer, but couldn't crack the starting lineup and averaged 26 minutes a game. He's also one of those rare point guards who make Russell Westbrook look good as a passer (3.5 assists per game), and Brandon Jennings look like an efficient scorer (41% fg). He's a decent defender at the 1, but definitely not at the 2.

On the other hand, the Mavs need someone who can penetrate and someone who can score off the bench, and Lou didn't just lead the 76ers in points, he led 'em in PER (20.22). He draws fouls, sixth per game among point guards, and he's lightning fast. He's opting out of a 6.3 million dollar year, so obviously he's looking for more than that, but it's not altogether clear from his deficiencies that he's going to get much more. You in?