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Why The Lockout Is Still A Pain In My Ass

I'm sure you all remember why we almost missed a season last year, and why our guys didn't get a training camp, and maybe why they never really got untracked. It's because the owners were deadset on pounding the game into a little financial stability, an era of reason. Players, they said, were holding them hostage and they were just hemorrhaging money.

So it's a little surprising to see Gerald Wallace's new 4 year, 40 million dollar contract to re-up with the Nets. It's a little surprising to see KG think about retirement, but instead get a 3 year, 32 million dollar contract. Surprised is also a good word for Steve Nash's reported 3 year, 36 million dollar offer from Toronto, which, since Steve may well put butts in the seats over in Canada, would be especially useful for that team if attendance figures had any effect on your cap space.

And what's this max offer to Hibbert from the Blazers? Could it even possibly be true that the Wolves are considering 45-50 million for Nicolas Batum, a guy who averaged 14 and 4.6 last year? That's nearly Tyson Chandler money.

I sure am glad we went through all this trouble for a little financial sanity. It was definitely the contract strictures that were causing owners to spend money insanely, such that they required protection. Worth it!

More later on the Mavs kicking Brandon Roy, Anthony Randolph, and, if you can believe it, Josh Howard tires.