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Free Agent Madness Links

Just to try and organize some of the chaos that is going on out there for you:

  • Dwight Howard might be a crazy person
  • Kevin Garnett is returning to the Boston Celtics
  • The Nets have reportedly given Gerald Wallace 4 years/$40 million
  • Brooklyn is also apparently close to a deal for Joe Johnson, after reportedly kicking the tires on Luis Scola and O.J Mayo; hey, you guys remember all that cap space the Nets used to have?
  • I'd say the Nets were looney toons crazy, but, as almost always, the Minnesota Timberwolves take the cake, as sources indicate they have made an offer to Nicholas Batum in the 4 year, $45-50 million range
  • Batum's current team(for the moment) are busy themselves, and have made Roy Hibbert a max deal, which I think is probably more than he's worth, but gives a fair indication of the FA market for centers right now
  • Eric Gordon expects to receive a max offer as well, and, hell, why shouldn't he? Everyone else is!
  • What are the Mavs up to? Well, as the Deron Williams Monday meeting looms, they are supposedly interested in formerly retired Brandon Roy, Brandan Wright clone Anthony Randolph(as well as his teammate Michael Beasley), and the search for more centers continues with the team possibly looking into Joel Prybilla or Hasheem Thabeet; a reunion may also be in the works
  • Omer Asik, a suggested Mavs target, can probably be crossed off the list, as Houston may be offering as much as $8 million
  • Another popular Mavs target, Goran Dragic, is supposed to be looking for a deal that starts in the $10 million range, which means he's probably going to expect to be paid like Steve Nash
  • Nash has now been offered 3 years, $36 million by Toronto, incidentally
  • Ray Allen is being pursued, sources say, by the Heat and Grizzlies, in addition to the Celtics

Updates will be made when needed. Welcome to free agency!