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Salary Cap, Exception Numbers Set for '12-'13

Reports indicate that the salary cap for '12-'13 is $58.044 million, with the luxury tax kicking in at $70.37 minimum.The MLE for no-taxpayers is $5 mil, for taxpayers $3.09 mil (see? There ARE consequences of going over it! Just not, you know, not getting Steve Nash/Dwight Howard or whatever). This is the same number it was last year.

This doesn't matter as much to the Mavericks with no Deron, but there had been some thought that the cap number would be higher this year, as the league was supposedly calculating the number based on a 66/82 model where the money coming in over 66 games would be extrapolated to 82, and it had been supposed that most people start watching basketball in December anyhow. No further explanation as to how the number is exactly identical has been forthcoming, if that's the case, but it shouldn't impact the Mavs unduly.