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Jason Kidd's Darkest Timeline

Going up on the intrawebs, the Knicks have made a trade for Ray Felton. Knicks keep insisting Jeremy Lin is still in their sights, but with Kidd unlikely to play anything other than PG (obviously), and Felton also probably unable to play the 2 (he's 6'1"), there doesn't seem to be too much point in having Felton-Kidd-Lin.

This may not actually be that big a deal, despite the fact that Lin is a sensation, since Lin isn't exactly battle -tested and even his 14-6 in a startling campaign last year isn't tons better than Felton's 11-6, although obviously if Lin keeps up what he did last year, he's the far superior player.

Anyway, J-Kidd obviously didn't sign up to be Ray Felton's backup, and while he also certainly wouldn't be any more excited to be Darren Collison's back up, I was wondering what you guys thought about Kidd's state of mind at the moment. Or, say, Deron Williams, now that the Dwight window has closed, at least till January, potentially forever.

Since we've been getting a higher number of trolls than usual, of late, I wanted to stress that this is entirely for fun. But let me know what you think.