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What Are The Mavs Going to Do?

Guys, I don't think Delonte is coming back. He obviously knows what the Mavericks are willing to offer him and if he were excited about it, we'd know. There's an obvious explanation for this. Delonte made no secret, all year, that he felt the league had turned on him because of his medical history, not because of his talent, which might be accurate, and that he was therefore playing for a multi-year deal.

Guess who doesn't give anyone multi-year deals, ever?

That being said, the fact that he hasn't signed elsewhere means that maybe no one else wants to do it either. Still, let's talk about this:

Now that the Mavericks have signed Crowder, and almost certainly will sign Jared Cunningham, their first-round pick, the Mavs either have 1 or 2 spots left open in the rotation. Anything could happen, but my gut hunch is that Sgt. James is going to spend some time with the Texas Legends, which would mean 2.

What are they going to do with 'em? What positions do they need the most help with? Are there any free agents that still excite you?

Update: Cunningham, as expected, has now signed. 2 years, 2 club option years. Credit: Mark Followheezy.