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Mavericks Defeat Spurs 82-76, Finish NBA Summer League 4-1

Jae Crowder had another impressive showing in Vegas, finishing his game against the Spurs with 21 points, 6 rebounds and an assist. He got into a little foul trouble (finished with 5) but he continued to show the organization why they made the right choice in signing him. Going 3 of 4 from beyond the arc certainly didn't hurt his case.

Dominique Jones was pulled after playing only 11 mins the game with back tightness, but he still managed to get 5 assists. His court vision seems to be improving slowly but surely, which is important for a guy who wants to see back-up minutes as PG this season.

The other draft pick, Bernard James, had a really solid game on the boards, pulling in 8 rebounds (3 of which were offensive), blocking 3 shots and scoring 9 points. The fun thing about James is that whenever he does something noteworthy, the bench yells "ye, sir!"

Today's notable standout, however, was Guard Justin Dentmon, who took over running the show with Dominique Jones out of the game. He is reminiscent of JJ Barea with his moves to the basket, because he has afterburners that turn on and smoke anyone left standing in the lane. He was the Mavericks second leading scorer with 16 points, going 8 of 8 from the free throw line. He also pulled in 7 rebounds (he's not a tall guy, so that's saying something) and nabbed a steal.

Today's random scoring notable was Micah Downs, an undrafted small forward at both Kansas and then Gonzaga. He saw about 25 minutes of action and scored 9 points. Not going to make anybody's team, but it was still fun to watch the gangly guy go off.

So that brings this summer league to a close, with the Mavericks finishing 4-1. Their lone loss came against the Hawks. They were an entertaining team to watch, especially since there were players fighting for an actual roster spot. There is definitely potential in Jae Crowder thanks to his impressive mass and good shooting skills. Bernard James will probably be sent down to the D-League where he'll have the opportunity to become a better big for the NBA. I wish we had been able to see first-rounder Jared Cunningham, but there's no sense in risking more injury just to see him play in summer league. Overall, a very successful week in Vegas for the Dallas Mavericks!