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Why Did The Mavericks Keep Vince Carter?

On July 1st, the Mavericks exercised Vince Carter’s option. At the time, it seemed like a fairly normal thing to do. Decent producer, cheap enough. Why not. Except…

It would be 11 days before they would add another player. In that time, they showed no urgency. Not with Jason Kidd, not with the still-unsigned Delonte West. Why Vince?

Is it because Vince exceeded expectations last year? Not exactly. He did, but he shouldn’t have. It was his worst year yet, career lows in points, second-lowest assists, worst shooting percentage—it’s not his fault y’all expected him to be terrible.

Is it because Vince was one of the only Mavericks capable of bringing some offense on his own? Sure, but why Vince and not Delonte, who at this point in his career creates as much offense, plays better defense, can pass a little bit, and has joints that work.

Is it because they were shallow at his position, SG? Well, they hadn't as yet traded for O.J. Mayo, but they do have a plethora of guards and could have had Delonte at the same position.

Why Vince?

Well, I have a guess.