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Daily Mavs Links 7/24

DALLAS, TX - JUNE 16: Happier times... (Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images)
DALLAS, TX - JUNE 16: Happier times... (Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images)
Getty Images

What people around the web around saying about your Dallas Mavericks:

  • Eddie Sefko of the DMN says it's "inevitable" that Terry Stotts would be pursued by other teams, as Dwane Casey was, but is confident that Carlisle will find an outstanding replacement if Stotts leaves
  • In Rick Gosselin's mailbag, he answers reader questions, including one about Delonte West, and suggests that Dallas will have to advance past the 2nd round to entice premiere FA's like Dwight Howard
  • For the pathologically morose, Dwain Price has an article up talking with Donnie Nelson about how different things might have been if Deron Williams had signed with Dallas
  • Price also has a short bit on Delonte West, the man whose free agency outlook has been as unpredictable and confusing as just about everything else related to Delonte West.
  • The prolific Price finishes off his Mavs triptych for today with some quotes from Donnie Nelson on Chris Kaman, calling him a "top free agent" who Dallas believes will be key in helping take pressure of Dirk
  • From Yahoo's team report comes a quote from Rick Carlisle, who calls Jason Terry "family", and talks about his and Terry's daughter being very good friends at school. This is a reality check for those who view all these players as unfeeling, unemotional stat-making machines who make decisions based purely on monetary gains
  • If you're despairing at the thought of Dwight Howard helping to crystalize another super-team in LA, you might want to take a look at Ken Berger's excellent article on the Mavs'(and, specifically, Cuban's) unprecedented offseason, and what it means in terms of how the team is approaching the new CBA, and how, perhaps, other teams will soon wish they had
  • Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm and other places also shares some thoughts on assorted topics, including the Mavericks
  • In case anyone was curious, a had a jersey just like this when I was younger(I vividly remember those two weeks Rodman was a Mav), and I also had a Roy Tarpley jersey. If I ever find Gary Trent's #33 my shamefully ironic Big Three will be complete!
  • Finally, on a non-Mavs related note, if you're a Ranger fan, check out this article on Mitch Moreland from MMB's own Tim Cato over at Lone Star Ball