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Mavlicious Links: Day of Thor

Jeff Caplan has an article on ESPN today, throwing a little more light on Cuban's future plans. Spoiler: It's not the luxury tax, it's the sign and trades.

The Dallas Morning News has some thoughts on Dwight Howard, the last thing anyone on Earth should ever care about for any reason; a man whose name, merely by saying it, conjures in full the whole whiny, unbearable, ineffective year and a half drama. Of course, the fact that the Mavericks have a decent chance at getting him makes it much worse, and much better. There's literally nothing worse than Dwight Howard news, guys. I am so sorry.

A day or two old, but worth repeating--Dwain Price has Donnie Nelson on how the Mavericks could definitely re-sign a lot of these guys. Since Dwain and Donnie both have calculators, they both presumably know it's not real likely (Elton Brand, for example, will not be signing for 2.5 mil next year, and Chris Kaman is unlikely to get another 8 million dollar deal), but it's nice to hear after these last two years.

Yardbarker has this article about how OJ Mayo has to take on JET's role in the offense, which is true and apt. It's unlikely that Mayo will be able to duplicate Terry's heroics, but if he chose to score in quarters other than the 4th as well, that wouldn't be so bad.

CBS sports has a baller summary of everything the Mavs did this offseason. Quick, and to the point, just like my arraignment for indecent exposure at the rodeo.