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Presented Without Further Ado, the 2012-2013 Dallas Mavericks Schedule

WOOO basketball! (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
WOOO basketball! (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Until a better format gets posted, here's the link to the Mavericks' schedule for this coming year. They open the season on October 30th in Los Angeles against the Lakers. It will be the late game (9:30pm CT) on TNT.

Thankfully the Mavs don't have a game on Christmas this year, so folks can enjoy the holidays (those who celebrate, anyway) without having to worry about anything other than family and fun. Their last game of the year will be played on December 30th at home against the bitter rival San Antonio Spurs.

The season comes to a close with a relatively easy stretch. They play the Hornets twice, as well as the Suns, Nuggets and Grizzlies. Hopefully by that point the team will be coasting to another playoff berth, right?

Keep checking back for more in-depth analysis on the schedule. We'll gather some links tomorrow and get a better idea of how this season might shape up for the new-look Dallas Mavericks.

Basketball is happening!