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Did the Diggler Shoot an 18-Foot Wedding Swish?

Mike Fisher says no. The Mavericks say no. Dirk is a private guy and definitely, after the last one, would do as much as possible not to tell us about his ladies, and that's the only reason the answer could be yes. I am still, at the moment, betting no. BUT...

Anthony Karanja over at jambonewspot tells us that in fact, he did.

Obviously, I wouldn't know a Kenyan Wedding Feast, if it walked up, hit me in the face and shouted "Hey! Do you stare at every Kenyan wedding feast in this disrespectful manner? Huh? Pervert!" Also, while I see lots of reasons for Dirk to have a fun vacation, one would think if it WERE a wedding, his family or her family would be involved in some way, and while Jessica is half-Kenyan, at the very least her brothers were born in Sweden (they are easy to wikipedia footballers, she, not so easy), and she probably was as well.

It's all, also, made a little more unlikely by the fact that, while I certainly could see Dirk having a secret wedding, I would expect someone closer to him than this source to have something to say about it once it was complete. I would also not call these photos of Dirk and his lovely girlfriend dancing together "proof" that a traditional Kenyan wedding was under way.. But, I'm just a humble blogger.

Long story short: Who knows and, again, if I were a betting man, I'd bet no. Nevertheless, enjoy these photos of Dirk in awesome clothes, and having fun, whatever the occasion.