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Dwight Howard to Brooklyn NOT Dead, But Not Serious Yet

Better times... (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)
Better times... (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Chris Broussard is reporting that the Nets have engaged in active trade talks with Orlando for Dwight Howard.

It had been common knowledge for a while now that Dwight wanted to go to Brooklyn, and was demanding to be traded there. After the Nets move to acquire Joe Johnson, however, most NBA analysts took that as a sign that a Dwight and Brooklyn pairing would be impossible.

Broussard later corrected himself, saying the first-round picks included would be the Nets' 2013, '15 and '17.

He also reported renewed trade talks from both the Lakers and the Hawks, and noted that the Mavericks still have interest if Dwight Howard still makes it to free agency (something which is seeming more and more unlikely).

With the Nets thought to be out of the picture Monday night, the Los Angeles Lakers, who can offer Andrew Bynum, the Hawks, who can offer Al Horford and Jeff Teague, and the Dallas Mavericks, who could sign Howard as a free agent next summer, had emerged as the likeliest destinations for Howard.

Of course, any of those scenarios could still play out as the Magic are considering all their options.

The implications are simple: if Dwight goes to Brooklyn, Deron will resign there, no questions about it. A few unconfirmed reports have said he has already made up his mind to go back to the Nets, but his party is remaining firm that Deron is undecided until this all plays out. Orlando is right to consider all of their options, because to be frank, the Nets' offer still leaves something to be desired.

UPDATE: The Nets have indeed offered this, but it has no real impact. Via Adrian Wojnarowski:

As I mentioned, the Brooklyn offer is rather weak. It fails to include a superstar like Bynum, or even a near-superstar like Horford. Orlando seems to agree.