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Mavelous Mavs Links: July 31, 2012

With the Rangers trade deadline today, and Cowboys training activities having opened, many of our fellow scribes have turned their attention away—but not here at Mavs Moneyball. We are like Sauron and the Mavs are like the Ring of Power, bringing Mavs stuff to you every day, sending orcs after you if you don’t read it.

Say, does anyone else think the Rangers and the Mavs could have the same ownership? Waiting for that right deal, even when the Angels get Greinke? Bringing in Vince Roy Oswalt Carter as a low cost, pedigreed alternative? Anyhow.

A while ago I wrote a column about how the Mavericks had very few particularly high draft picks on their roster, but it’s less true today. Jeff Caplan writes about it.

The always funny Basketball Jones has turned its attention Mav-ways to tell us that while one-time and current teammate Chris Kaman likes to hunt, Elton Brand likes to live.

Yahoo's Dallas Mavericks Report for today has a lot of good stuff, including Carlisle expressing JJ Barea comparisons to Darren Collison. While Collison's ability as a driver is why the Mavericks are excited about him, it's also true that it would be better if Collison, unlike Barea, could lift his head up while driving to the hoop so as to see other players.

Today is Jason Terry Day over at The Two Man Game. And everywhere.

The Dallas Mavericks Blog at ESPN has some insight on what will be making us want to set ourselves on fire next summer.

That's all for today, folks. Make today a Mavelous day.