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Breaking: Cuban Allegedly Sending Emails Warning Owners About CBA

Update: More or less as expected (as mentioned, far from the least sleazy source) it seems Cuban did NOT send emails TO owners, but to the reporter in question ABOUT reporters. So read the following as a look into Cuban's mind, not as a weirdo act of desperation, if you please.

No idea if this is true, my source is Stefan Bondy's twitter account and he didn't much endear himself to anybody these last few weeks, but if so this is hilarious. I mean, through the weeping.

Reportedly, Cuban is sending emails to other owners, including Mikhail Prokohorov (of course).

Bondy claims the email reads in part: "If they spend on bad contracts, particularly contracts signed under old cba, then it doesn't matter how much u spend. ..You are locked in to only being able to improve your team using the tax payers exception....that puts you at a distinct disadvantage."

More on this story as it breaks, including whether or not it's true, but that's exactly what I would do if I was 100% sure I was right about how everyone would act, and am watching reality be 100% the opposite.

BTW, I promise I'll apologize like crazy if Cuban somehow does land a big fish this year and next. After I send you guys emails explaining why he wasn't going to.

Source: Stefan Bondy @NYDInterNets