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Wednesday links

What's being said about your Dallas Mavericks on the first day of August:

  • So, since everyone else has thrown in their two cents on Dwight Howard and the Dallas Mavericks, Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News might as well join in, too, right? Sefko address in chat the metroplex-enveloping hot topic of Big Dwight in Big D. For the cynics who are forevermore jaded after the Deron Williams fiasco, Sefko says that the biggest difference between Deron and Dwight is that Dwight seems to have absolutely no desire to stay in Orlando.
  • Sefko also covers other Mavs-reated topics in a full chat, which you can read in its entirety here.
  • Earl K. Sneed from has his thoughts on two once and future teammates in Chris Kaman and Elton Brand who will try to recapture the glory days of the L.A Clippers, and before you fall over laughing at the last half of that sentence, remember that a Clippers team led by Brand and Kaman, averaging nearly 36 points and 20 rebounds a game together, was a game away from the Western Conference finals.
  • EKS also has a piece up on O.J Mayo, and as we've seen lately from Carlisle's comparison of Collison's Barea-like drive and kick ability, inevitably there will be moments where we will see O.J Mayo try to play the two man game with Dirk a la the recently re-routed JET. I am a little dubious on the idea of Mayo being the number two guy the way Terry was, but it's interesting food for thought.
  • I don't know how I missed it, but it was apparently Mark Cuban's birthday yesterday. Happy belated 54th, Mark!
  • While not related directly to Dallas, over at Hardwood Paroxysm, there is a very interesting post about how Team USA is at the forefront of positional revolution in basketball. This is a subject that I know has been covered by many sources over the years, from Basketball Prospectus to Rob Mahoney at the TWG, and I think it's the kind of conceptual analysis that is warranted on a team with such a unique roster as the Mavericks and with a creative and daring coach like Rick Carlisle. There are often limitations in looking at a player's abilities and skills only by how it fits into pre-constructed notions of "position", and I think the walls around that paradigm are tumbling down. Look for Dallas, in a year with such uncertainty, to explore heavily in matchups and positional switches.