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Is Andrew Bynum Going to Stay a Sixer?

Bynum, asked in front of a cheering crowd whether he would consider staying a 6er, got some loud cheers from the crowd when he said "To be honest, my first experience here's been so great, I'm really looking forward to making this my home."

A more relevant quote, where Bynum is concerned, is one he made some weeks earlier, namely "Every city has a bank." And signing with the team you're with provides 20% more bank than other places.

Bynum is the only one of the big three hypothetical free agents of next year who hasn't gotten to own his team. You don't think he's loving Philly looking at him as a savior? Hell, even Jesus Christ Superstar liked that.

Anyhow, the question is, do the Mavericks need to cross Andrew Bynum off the list of potential targets for 2013-2014, and the answer is no. He was a long shot, he remains a long shot, but all three of next year’s big FAs---Howard, Paul and Bynum—will become FAs, however briefly, for salary cap reasons.

But it’s not likely, unfortunately, for any of them.