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Friday Poll: Which New Dallas Mavericks Player Are You Most Excited About?

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Friday has a rap for being the best weekday. According to one of my anonymous sources, this is because it's when the weekly MMB poll goes up.

Last week's poll asked who should start at center: Elton Brand or Chris Kaman. The results were not terribly surprising, if a bit more one-sided than I would have predicted. Take a look!

Today's question: Which new Mavericks player are you most excited to watch this coming season?

Just four players remain from the championship team, while three players who joined the team last year are sticking around. Do the math: over half the guys on the roster are new acquisitions. They've come to the team in all sorts of manners, including free agency, the draft, a trade, and a winning franchise tag bid, but now unite in hopes of returning Dallas to championship form.