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Off-Season Wrap-Up: One Word


The Mavericks have arrived at their fifteen man roster. Dwight Howard has been traded. Training camp is still a month away, but it's approaching. It's time to declare this year's off-season over.

Since it's over, let's start by taking a look back at some of the highlights and lowlights. I posed six questions to the MMB staff, and will be revealing their answers to each question every other day. This one here is probably my favorite, asking each staff member to describe the off-season in one word.

Question one, two, three and four are provided here in case you missed them.

5) Give one word to describe this off-season, and why.

Tim: Calculated. The Mavericks knew they had a chance at Deron Williams this summer. The decision was made that win or lose, the odds were good enough that they had to try. They knew that if they failed to get him, they would be able to retool with good stopgap players, and stay ready for next summer. Some of you might not agree with the philosophy of gambling everything for a superstar (rather than keeping Chandler, etc), but it is pretty obvious that the Mavericks planned this very meticulously for quite some time now.

Andy: Whiplashtastic. In a span of about a week and a half the Mavs went from looking at a dismal 2012-2013, with a wasted "no contest" on a championship defense, to having a pretty decent team and a chance to destroy the collective psyche of its fans all over again. Delicious.

Alan: Re-set. A year ago the story on Dallas was that they let their free agents walk and filled out the rest of the roster with one-year rentals in the hope of being able to lure a big fish in the offseason. Sound familiar?

Lisa: Tumultuous. We were up, then we were down (so down) and then we were up again... we got snubbed like crazy by our top two free agent targets, but then our front office pulled some kind of an offseason out of their collective asses and we ended up with a pretty well-stacked roster. It's been a rollercoaster of emotion for sure.

Tom: Disappointing. The front office promised a trio of Stars, such as Dwight, Deron, and Dirk. Instead, may fans now perceive Dallas to be Dirk and castoffs, not the old guard Dirk & Co. While the players Dallas has can still produce, almost all are either too young or on the wrong side of 30. It will be hard to motivate a fan base which just witnessed their team being swept from the playoffs with what seems to be little to no improvement.