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Dallas & Cents: Mavs Links for 8/24


Still resisting the urge to sing/quote/link that one song about Friday...

  • 39 of the incoming 2012 rookie class took part in a survey covering all sorts of topics. All three Mavs rookies appear at some point -- most notably, Cunningham and Crowder are each tied for 3rd for the question, "which rookie is most overlooked". If you can't find James, look at the italicized print under "Which rookie will have the best career".
  • Also cool that Dirk showed up as the fourth most popular player for the incoming rookie class, although I suppose with the Mavericks having three draft picks, maybe guys were just trying to earn some bonus points with the big German.
  • The Matrix has been in the gym, working on his fitness. It appears he's doing so in women's yoga pants, though, so I'm not sure what to make of that...
  • At least Marion is burning calories. Jared Cunningham still thinks its cool to take pictures with McDonald cups. Apparently someone needs lessons on the whole "healthy" thing from Dirk (we know he's healthy...Cuban gave him a juicer for his wedding). Then again, Kobe said he scored 81 points following pepperoni pizza, so maybe Jared is fine for the time being.
  • Gotta love Jeff Caplan. Whether there's Mavs news or not, he keeps churning out articles. He put up two more yesterday. First, he finished his series breaking down how the Mavericks match up to their top five Western Conference opponents, ending with the newest NBA superteam. The Lakers were a bad match-up last year, sweeping the Mavs in the regular season, and they've only got better.
  • The other Caplan article questions whether the Mavericks will continue following the superstar-or-bust philosophy next summer, or perhaps go after a smaller target like Josh Smith with a long-term contract in hopes of developing some cohesion on a roster that has been constantly changing on a yearly basis. Considering the long-shot nature of the three superstars who are free agents next year, he might be onto something. Then again, Cuban does love his flexibility.
  • Kidd's ex-wife thinks his number should be retired by the Mavs. Well, alright, Cuban, get on it! Jourmana has spoken!
  • For any Ranger fans out there: I attended my last two Round Rock Express games Wednesday and Thursday. It's been a really great experience and I'm grateful for the opportunity, and definitely plan on going back next summer. I'm off to college tomorrow, and so I've got a busy day of packing ahead of me now. Jealous, huh?