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Hey, What Did I Miss?

Dear friends:

I have been gone for the last week, in the wilds of Indiana and other places, and I missed you. I hope you missed me.

The Dodgers have picked up Hanley Ramirez, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett this year, and it reminded me of how I always feel about careful planning in sports: you get your budget right, you make yourself available, then the Boston Red Sox panic and trade Dwight Howard to the Lakers. Then again, there's no salary cap in baseball, so it's a bit of a different story.

Lance Armstrong had that weird thing, where he stopped wanting to contest drug allegations, then this entity who has literally no jurisdiction over the Tour de France declared his seven titles vacated. Vacated titles, what a crazy punishment. You can't take away what my eyes saw. Honestly, I have no idea what Lance did or didn't do, but it feels like they should have ACTUALLY caught him if he did, and it feels like said agency vacating his titles for him speaks of a witch hunt. Then again, I don't actually care about cycling.

Samsung stole some of Apple's technology or something? How could you even tell? Are there phones that don't text or check email? Are some better at throwing at assailants? Is celebrity sexting a prioprietary iphone tech? Whatever.

We're full on talking ourselves into this team, now, right? Some defense, some scoring options, some rebounding. As the Irish say, a change is as good as a rest and at the very least this team is going to do different things, like drive the paint and score from the center spot. It's also the first time the Mavs have had young talent not named Roddy Beaubois since Methuselah was in short-pants. Worth getting exciting about. How long you say? Halloweenish? Can we make that come faster?

Everyone stay safe, out there.