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Dallas and Cents 8/28/2012

God bless Jeff Caplan. Besides MavsMoneyBall he's the only guy writing about the Mavericks every day, in these lean times. He talks more about how he figures the Mavs match-up against the West. One important note there: It's both true that the Mavs won a lot of games on grit last year, and that they're better this year. That's why we watch.

The Sports Xchange has this article on the Mavs' coaching staff changes, most of which is old news to astute readers.

Matt Moore has this NBA power ranking, that has the Mavs around 10th. Seems fine. It seems even better if you realize that, since he says the Mavs are docked 20 spots for whiffing on Deron, he ACTUALLY has us at -10.

Yardbarker is ranking Mavs. No real surprises so far

Of all the youtube videos making fun of Christian Bale's voice, in Batman, it's pretty hard to top this one.