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Friday Poll: How Much Will Dirk Score This Year?

Bongarts/Getty Images

This is a bit of a bittersweet Friday, because it's my first real "Friday" since May. After all, during summer break, Friday was just another day that I didn't have school. I'm in college now and I actually have to go to class and do work. Perhaps a Friday poll will make this day a little bit better.

Last week, the poll question talked about Cuban's controversial radio interview and tried to decipher what he really meant. One answer just edged out the 2nd most popular answer by 5%. General, I got a very pro-Cuban vibe from the answers, though maybe that's just me.

Anyway, let's talk about Dirk. By his standards, last season was just all-around bad. He was fatigued coming into the season, injured early on, and never truly found that groove we usually see from him. I guess a player officially reaches superstardom when 21.6 points a game on 46% shooting is considered a bad season, but honestly, most people will agree that Dirk was not his usual self.

He is getting older, but after a full off-season of conditioning and rest, and a season that isn't lockout shortened, the thought is that Dirk should return to form. What do you think?