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Dallas & Cents: Mavs Links 8/31

Friday links!

  • Dirk answered some questions about twitter a while back, but here's a nice photo essay with a few fun facts about his personal life. Nothing too creepy, like what type of shampoo he uses (Dove for Men).
  • Cowlishaw hosted a chat on Sports Day DFW. Most questions were about the Rangers or Cowboys, but a couple did touch on the Mavericks. When asked about O.J. Mayo's ceiling, he described it as high and often not met. Not exactly ground-breaking stuff, so when he said he'd rather see Mayo at the 2 than Carter, I guess it's not much of a surprise.
  • He provided an actual opinion in his next question, thankfully. He was asked about which of the four major Dallas teams are most likely to win a championship next, and while he didn't actually rank them, he said the Stars had a better chance than the Mavericks. Hmm.
  • Earl K. Sneed talks about Vince Carter and his fit on this new-look Mavs squad. I like Carter, and he still has a place on this team because of his ability to hit the long ball in volume.
  • Finally, Tim MacMahon questions whether Dirk really could be done in a couple years, or if he'll likely continue when his contract is up.