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Which NBA Player Has Stood Out During The Olympics?

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The games are on at such weird times, I know. Well, weird for us here in the United States. Those of you who follow us from abroad are probably experiencing a completely different summer games!

I've only had the opportunity to watch some of the men's games, and really only one and a half of Team USA's games. I did catch all of the Nigeria blowout wherein Team USA scored like 4.287 points on 3.873 assists and dunked until the basket fell over. I think my favorite part of that was getting to see the Unibrow, Anthony Davis, throw down some monstrous alley-oops with the dimes coming from Chris Paul or whoever happened to feel like being point guard at the moment. It's fun to see a young guy who is so hyped really mesh well with and earn the respect of the game's best players. Seeing the bench react to his dunks was fun for me, so I can only imagine how gratifying it must have been for the young fella.

Who has impressed you throughout the group play so far? I'm sure I'll take heat for saying that I've enjoyed watching Manu Ginobili... it's fun to see how the rest of the world reacts to his shenanigans. And until he hurt himself against Australia, Yi Jianlian was the absolute star for Team China so that was fun to watch.

I'll open up the discussion to international players NOT in the NBA, but I'm sure we'll all be less familiar with those players so discussion might wane.

And if you feel like taking a stab at a prediction, where do you think the medals will go? I'm guessing Team USA will get the gold, but I'm biased.