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Dallas and Cents: 8/8/12

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 27:  Nothing to do with the Mavs.  Just looks cool.  (Photo by Pool/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 27: Nothing to do with the Mavs. Just looks cool. (Photo by Pool/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Your daily Mavs links for Wednesday, August 8th, 2012:

  • The big news you may already know: The Portland Trailblazers, concluding their search for a new head coach, have hired Mavs assistant Terry Stotts.
  • Was it the right move? Apparently, there are some who wanted to see interim head coach and UT-Alrington grad Kaleb Canales keep the job.
  • The aptly named Five Tool Tool gives a Top Ten Reasons Stotts was hired.
  • Rick Carlisle's assessment? "Great hire for a great franchise." As usual, leave it to Carlisle to long-windedly throw everyone under the bus. That guy never has anything nice to say.
  • Portland GM Neil Olshey on why he chose Stotts: "Terry is one of the elite offensive minds of the NBA".
  • Earl K. Sneed provides some insight into what kind of effect Stotts' departure might have on the team, as a key component in the implementation of the "flow" offense, and tries to answer the question of who might replace him. An interesting note at the end of the column to highlight: Dallas will play Portland and Toronto back-to-back in early November.
  • In non-Stotts news, Jeff Caplan at ESPN Dallas continues his positional breakdown with a look at small forward. Curiously, Caplan calls the depth at the position "questionable", but I'd say this is as much depth at the 3 as Dallas has had in quite a while.
  • The incomparable Rob Mahoney from That Woman Game has a piece on the Mavs' offseason and the supremely important role timing plays in building a winning roster. As usual it is terrific stuff.
  • This is a few days old, but I'm a sucker for reliving the good moments in life and you should be too. A look back at the 2011 Dallas Mavericks. Time has a funny way of rewriting certain narratives after the fact, but for me the Mavs run to championship glory will always be the thing that had absolutely no chance of happening right up until the moment it did.
  • Over at Basketbawful, a piece on the "rise and fall and possible rise" of new Maverick O.J Mayo.
  • Another piece on Mayo's potential rebirth, as well as other breakout candidates, comes from Basketball-Reference's Neil Paine, courtesy of ESPN insider. If you don't have Insider, I'll reprint the blurb on Mayo for you:

O.J. Mayo, SG
2013 Age: 25
On pace for: 20.3 Career VORP
(A No. 3 overall pick should have a 28.7 career VORP)

The nation's top high school recruit from 2007 showed signs of coming around in 2011-12, but forgive us if we're not convinced Mayo has finally figured things out. After all, he also tantalized in 2009-10, then turned in a disappointing 2010-11 campaign, losing his starting job and putting up a career-low 12.6 PER.


Mayo is another guy who has the talent to create offense but has been known to fall in love with his jump shot, dragging his efficiency metrics well south of the league average. And while he's improved as a man-to-man defender, his defense within the team concept remains subpar at best.

This isn't to say Mayo has been a horrible all-around player thus far. Even if he doesn't take the next step, he still has enough skills to forge a future as a solid reserve/borderline starter. But time is running out for Mayo to salvage the star potential he flashed as a highly touted teen.

And that's it.